About Digital Mushroom

and the web design services that we offer in the Wirral

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Who are we?

We are a graphic design company servicing the Wirral and Leicestershire areas of th UK. We offer Graphic Design services including Logo Design, Corporate Branding and print solutions as well as website design services.

How do we design our websites?

We design our websites using a responsive framework so that your website looks amazing from mobile, tablet and desktop. We pride ourselves on building fast websites that look great.

The first part of the journey involves getting to know about you and your company. We believe that spending some time, sometimes on site, with you gives us a far better chance of understanding what it is that you want to achieve with your website.

How do we work?

We will ask you for your logo and corporate branding colours (we can offer this service for you if you don't already have them in place) and all the images that you want to use as well as your text content.
We will then design your site and wireframe for you to approve. Once this is signed off, we will start building your website for you.
For a 10-page site we would expect to have it ready for approval within around 4 weeks. This obviously depends on you supplying us what we need in a timely manner.

It really is that simple.