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What is graphic design (also known as communication design)?

Graphic design is the art of taking both visual and textual elements to promote and sell products, to convey a message, or to develop a brand identity. This could convey an advertisement, to promote something or to put across a feeling or idea, to name but many.
There is no single graphic design meaning. It comprises many elements, ranging from print and web design to animation and motion graphics.
Some of the primary uses for graphic design include:

  • Visual Identity
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Publications
  • Packaging
  • Motion Graphics
  • Illustration

What Is the Difference Between UX Design and Graphic Design?

Graphic design will focus mainly on the appearance of a product, service or message, while UX design (user experience) will focus on the user’s journey through, for example, a website.

Some examples of what we can do


example of business card design

Poster & Brochure

example of brochure design

Logo Design

example of leaflet design

Corporate Branding

example of leaflet design

Web Design

example of leaflet design

Business Cards / Design & Print

example of business card design

Brochures / Design & Print

example of brochure design

Leaflets / Design & Print

example of leaflet design

The 3 Graphic Design types that we cover

  1. Brand Identity and Logo Design
  2. Layout and Print Design
  3. Web and Mobile Design

1. Brand Identity and Logo Design

Designing fresh and powerful visual identities for your business, organisation or products, we will use a mixture of typography, shapes and colours that will identify your brand.

One of the main things that we will design is your logo of which your identity will sit under. Letterheads, business cards and adverts which are included in this service.

2. Layout and Print Design

This service includes the design of printed material such as menus, brochures, leaflets and flyers.

We use a variety of graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe In-Design

3. Web and Mobile Design

Web design starts with visual layouts which are generated using software such as Adobe XD and Adobe Photoshop. The next step is transferring the designs to clean and semantic code to build your website. To generate your website, we will use Visual Studio Code to write the code which is written in HTML 5, CSS3 and SASS. For data-driven websites, we will also write in PHP to fetch records from a MySQL database.

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