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What is the difference between web design and web development?

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Front end development (website design)

in its simplest terms: Think of a website designer as the architect you just hired to plan the construction of your new building. Like the architect the website designers’ job is to look at how the project will look, its layout, clearly defined instructions for its visitors and accessibility for the project.

Back end design (website development)

The website developer (your builder) will then take the website design and turn it into a functioning website by using various coding techniques. If the website requires back-end systems like contact forms, CMS (content management systems) or live chat features then the web developer will write these for you.

Full stack web development

Full stack is the term used when a company like ours incorporates all of the aspects of website design and development together in one place.

So how do I start my project?

Now that you know that we deal with everything for you let's have a look at how to start your web design project with Digital Mushroom.

Let's get you started

It's very simple to start the journey of getting your professional website off the ground with Digital Mushroom. Here we will go over the simple steps we need to take to get your website on-line and working for you.


Initial Brief

Firstly we will ask you about your business, what you want to achieve and any other information that you think will help us to complete your project.


The design

We will put together some graphics depicting how we think your site should look and work.


Getting your site live

After you have signed off the designs we will start to code your website and keep you updated throughout the project. Once you have signed off the finished site we will send it live for you.

Some of our work

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