What is a web designer?

Article by Stuart B

Posted Monday, January 3, 2022

Web designers

The phrase web designer is so common these days, but what does it actually mean?

The professional website designer

20 years ago, a website designer was someone who only designed a website purely in Photoshop or an equivalent software program, sliced up all the images for that page and then sent the files to a web developer that would then put it all together using html tables.

There were two distinct sides to making a website, a website designer, and a website developer. The same is still true to this day, but the role of the website designer has changed somewhat over the years.

With the introduction of more and more coding technologies, the website designer is now expected to have a complete understanding of not only HTML5 and CSS3, but also SASS. This helps the website designer understand what they can do and why, and better design the site at hand.

The website developer is still needed, but not really just to code up a website. Their focus has now moved on to developing back-end systems that live on the back of the website, like content management systems (CMS) booking systems and of course App development.

It also has to be said that the website designer, in a lot of cases, has become the website developer as well, meaning that they can achieve everything relating to a website project. These people go by the title of full stack developers.

The WordPress designer

Another type of website designer has also appeared over the last couple of decades and that is the professional WordPress designer. These professionals work with WordPress by designing websites that easily fit in with the the backend CMS system. As of 2021, it was estimated that 40% of all the worlds websites were built with WordPress, so it has to be noted that these types of web designers / developers are much sort after.

To be a WordPress designer you have to have a full understanding of how the system works and be able to maintain it through regular updates to the system.

The do it yourself designers

While not technically classed as any type of designer it’s worthy to note that the on-line do-it-yourself website builders have made an enormous impact on the professional web designer, in the same way that supermarkets took over from the local corner shops.

These systems allow anyone to drag-and-drop images and text onto a layout and hit a publish button to upload it to their web space. These systems have their place in the world, of course, but are aimed at an audience who do not understand code or even the art of user interface design. Some people will argue that because they built their website like this that they are now web designers. That’s for you to decide.

So you want to be a web designer? Here is what you need to know to start off with?

1. Head over to W3Schools Here you can learn HTML and CSS

2. Go to Skillshare to get free UX (User Interface Design) courses

Both of these sites offer free courses and information and are an excellent way to learn what you need to know to become a web designer. Good luck.