27 June, 2021

Why Multi Step Forms Work

Stuart B


Why Multi Step Forms Work

So what is a multi step form? Take a normal form that you might see on a registration page for a service that you want to sign up to. Its usually got a lot of fields that you need to fill in right? Well a lot of people will not bother to even entertain filling it out as they just haven’t got the time or patience.

So lets take that same form and split it into, say 3 sections. All of a sudden your visitor is presented with a small chunk of information that needs to be entered and as this looks really simple they don’t mind going through the other 2 steps to complete the form.

People don't have the time or patience to fill out long forms these days

Does it work though?

It does work, yes. We noticed a 60% increase in responses from our multi step forms when we converted them from normal forms.

Below is an example of an online quick quote form to show you what I mean about splitting up the content. Feel free to try it out. The data wont go anywhere it is just here for illustration purposes.

I do hope that you found this article of use.